We ensure your recovery with the convenience of our therapy services.

When it comes to pain, mobility problems, or getting used to a disability, we turn to physical therapists and occupational therapists for proper treatment. However, when going to a facility becomes too difficult, we can bring the treatment to you. Our physical therapists and occupational therapists can visit you, assess your condition, and implement your treatment right at home.

They can aid you with the following:

nurse helping disabled old man
  • Learning to walk safely to avoid falls
  • Completing the activities of daily living
  • Increasing activity tolerance and strength for better mobility functions
  • Creating individualized home exercises
  • Conserving energy when moving
  • Using assistive aids
  • Evaluating cognitive abilities
  • Recommending home and leisure modifications
  • And more

Get your physical or occupational therapy at the convenience of your home by availing of our services. Kindly send us a message or call us at 570-421-2273 if you have concerns.